Small businesses are most vulnerable to security breaches

Small businesses are most vulnerable to security breaches

Most of the headlines talking about cyber attacks are about big, well-known businesses. You probably understand that there is a chance that smaller businesses could be targeted, but you may not have the time or expertise to really evaluate the risk. The annual Verizon Data Breach report in 2018 found that 58 percent of all breaches in the past year occurred at small businesses – exceeding those at large corporations.

The threat is real and discounting the threat can lead to inadequate security protections. Hackers continuously monitor the entire market for areas of vulnerabilities and often target smaller companies precisely because they know those businesses have under-invested in cybersecurity.

Years ago, having an internet firewall, PC antivirus, and email filtering were sufficient to protect your business. 

But many things have changed since those simpler days:

  • Data is in the cloud, rather than all being inside your location. That’s good news for users, who have easier options for getting things done wherever they go. But it also means you have more points of risk to think about: they’re using more mobile devices – that they can lose; they’re working from home, from coffee shops, airports, airplanes.

•Phishing attacks that are getting harder and harder to recognize

•Ransomware that twists the power of encryption to work against you; taking critical files hostage

•Social engineering attacks that take advantage of people being busy

Cybercriminals have upped their game.  You need to up your game too.  But you don’t have time to become a cybersecurity expert.  You don’t have time to STAY a cybersecurity expert because of how threats change month to month: use our Managed Azure Security services to secure your Azure environment using industry best standards!

Small businesses are most vulnerable to security breaches