Top 4 questions to ask yourself about security

Is your nonprofit prepared to handle increasing cybersecurity threats?

  • Do you know who is accessing your data?

Go beyond passwords and protect against identity compromise, while automatically  identifying potential breaches before they cause damage.

  • Can you manage access to your data and assets based on risk in real time?

Manage organization-owned and employee-owned devices to encrypt data and ensure compliance, automatically detect suspicious activities, and quickly block, quarantine, or wipe compromised devices.

  • Can you quickly find and react to a breach?

Help proactively guard against threats, use advanced analytics to identify breaches, and automate responses organization wide.

  • Can you help protect your data on devices, in the cloud, and in transit?

Safeguard content in creation, transit, and consumption. Use cloud applications without putting organization information at risk, by adding protections ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

Protect your nonprofit from unnecessary security risks.

As a Microsoft partner, we can help you better manage your identity and access controls, secure links and attachments in  emails, and stop breaches before they escalate in severity. If your answers to the questions above have raised concerns about manage cybersecurity in your organization, contact us to learn how Microsoft 365 can help protect you against today’s evolving security threats.

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