Microsoft 365: Secure your data in the Cloud

Microsoft 365 security services offered by NovaQuantum:

  • Initial security assessment of your M365 platform using CIS Microsoft 365 Foundations Benchmark (over 50 security checks that have zero or very limited impact to be implemented). The report includes recommendations for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype/Teams, Azure Active Directory, and Mobile Devices.
  • Configuration of all Microsoft 365 security features that make sense for your particular business requirements
  • Helping you wipe-out your unnecessary license costs driven by poor visibility into usage and license entitlements
  • Security training/education session for the whole team. Explaining in non-technical terms security best practices(Phishing, Privacy and Protection of your own computer topics) that should be followed by everyone
  • Monthly security reviews and reports about the security status of your Microsoft 365 services
  • Enabling secure remote access and protection of identity
  • Agentless Microsoft 365 backup: 4 daily encrypted backups to recover your M365 data. Unlimited data storage, retention and a simple and intuitive console (service powered by AvePoint)

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Discover Microsoft 365 Security services, a set of comprehensive solutions that brings together best-in-class productivity apps with advanced security and device management to help safeguard your business from even the most sophisticated threats. Start protecting your data, devices, and passwords today so that you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

What if you could protect your company’s data? 
Ensure that no one can share your personal and financial information outside your business.
SMBs are turning to Microsoft 365 
to protect their business data 
because of the scale of Microsoft security, with over 470 B emails analyzed per month and 3,500 security professionals protecting customers.

Would you like to secure every device that connects to work emails and files?
Effectively control which devices and users have access to your business information at any
given time.
With the emergence of new regulatory requirements for different industries and states, SMBs are considering Microsoft 365 because of the higher security functionality.  

How would you like to defend your business from threats? 
Take advantage of always-up-to-date security that automatically detects and defends against cyberthreats.  
Every day, Microsoft analyzes
6.5 trillion signals—the largest threat-related optics. Anytime a new threat is detected anywhere in the world, Microsoft updates its network to ensure their security software can protect your company from both old and new forms of malware.
We will help you prevent costly cyberattacks from happeningWe can give your organization greater data protectionWe can secure every device that connects to your business data

With our Security Services for Microsoft 365:

Prevent costly cyberattacks from happening:

  • Detect threats early with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Safe Links and Safe Attachments that automatically scan and analyze email links or attachments.
  • Prevent phishing attacks with built-in machine learning models and impersonation detection that quickly identify suspicious activity on email.
  • Protect company devices with multifactor authentication and Windows Defender to make it difficult for hackers to access information.

Give your organization greater data protection:

  • Protect sensitive data from leaks with built-in Data Loss Prevention that can automatically detect when an email includes sensitive information.
  • Encrypt sensitive emails with one click to ensure that only the right individuals can access information.
  • Control who has access to files with Information Protection that lets you apply restrictions to emails and to prevent data from ending up in the wrong hands.

Secure every device that connects to your business data:

  • Control who has access to your data with Conditional Access to decide which devices can connect to business applications.
  • Apply security policies like PINs or fingerprints to protect business data in iOS and Android devices. If a device goes missing, remotely wipe business information.
  • Manage business apps with mobile application management that lets you determine who has access to business apps on personal devices.

Integrated security solution that’s easy to use and helps reduce operational costs

 Microsoft 365 Business Premium

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