Improve your Azure enhanced Secure Score

The enhanced Azure Secure Score is attack surface focused and brings three benefits:

  • Security Controls – Security recommendations are grouped into logical sets that better reflect your vulnerable attack surfaces.
  • Overall score better reflects the overall posture – Your score will only improve when you remediate all of the recommendations for a single resource within a control. That means that your score only improves when the security of a resource improves.
  • Security status of individual attack surfaces is more visible – By showing the score per Security Control, the Secure Score page becomes the place where you can get a granular view of how well your organization is securing each individual attack surface.
Azure enhanced Secure Score
Azure enhanced Secure Score

In order to remediate most of the security controls and improve your Azure Security score, you could very easily use our Managed Azure Services: by enabling compliance with the CIS standard, for example, it is guaranteed that your Azure Security score will increase dramatically.

You must remember as well that our managed security services can Disable/Customize the security policies as they apply to your particular environment, so when the Secure Score is calculated you wont get penalized for the security controls that don’t apply to your particular requirements.