Business continuity strategy

To enable a proper business continuity strategy, you need to have all the various parts that form a well designed game plan for when things go wrong.

In the cloud-enabled model of application and data availability and resiliency, costs—across the board—are lower for a holistic backup, disaster recovery, and archive plan.

  • High availability: When your applications have a catastrophic failure, run a second instance. Ensuring high availability (99.999% uptime) while the most expensive resiliency plan, is significantly more affordable in the cloud. With hyper-scale cloud, like Microsoft Azure, a spike in demand or traffic isn’t something to worry about. Now the scale you need is a few clicks away. With Azure, you’re able to scale up or down based on demand, in just a few minutes. Cloud also gets rid of the need for multiple or offsite datacenters. Workloads running in Azure are powered by always up Azure global datacenters. Azure is also pay-as-you-go, so you’ll only be charged for what you need. With cloud, high availability is available to everyone. Make sure that you’re always up and avoid the negative impact on your productivity, brand, and profits.
High availability
  • Disaster recovery: When your applications have a catastrophic failure, run them in Azure or a secondary datacenter. Like high availability efforts, traditional disaster recovery (DR) is very expensive. Similarly, a cloud-based model for DR is significantly less expensive and more efficient than the traditional approach. No one can predict the future and even an hour of downtime can spell disaster for a business. Azure democratizes DR efforts and makes them a reality for every business. With Azure, businesses can rid themselves of the cost and overhead associated with the necessary redundant and offsite datacenters that come with traditional DR plans. No more servers to maintain, and no more taking assigning mundane service tasks to your IT talent. Azure’s global datacenters make it easy to house apps and data where it makes the most business sense to you, keeping mission-critical workloads stored in remote and secured. With Azure, you’re always prepared for when disaster strikes, able to get back to business in minutes, not hours or days.
Disaster recovery
  • Backup: When your data is corrupted, deleted or lost, you can restore it. Backups are best thought of like a snapshot. They are a moment in your business’s life that is captured for the sake of continuity. In the event that all of your company’s data is lost, you can simply revert to a backup of the previous day, week, month, etc. depending on how often you back up information. With Azure backup, you can further lower the costs associated with already inexpensive backup. Azure backup is extremely affordable, so even small businesses with fixed IT budgets can afford it. It grants users anytime, anywhere access to their data from neatly any device. Backup data is housed safely offsite, in the event of a natural or human disaster.

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