Infrastructure Recovery and Protection solutions

Causes of IT "disasters"

Common enterprise challenges:

Limiting downtime


Managing complexity

Ensuring compliance

Scaling protection
Downtime puts your organization’s reputation, finance, and
productivity at risk
The costs of maintaining secondary sites and infrastructure can
be prohibitive
Managing complex environments while meeting RPO and RTO standards
is often difficult for IT
Regulatory and compliance demands for data retention and protection may be taxing for your business Protection beyond
mission-critical apps
and data is unrealistic for most businesses

Businesses move at the speed of thought and the competitive edge is measured in seconds and minutes—not days or weeks. The first and second consideration for holistic defense for businesses is data protection and business continuity.

Organizations that want to succeed tend to focus on:

Limiting downtime: Line of business applications are the lifeblood of modern enterprise and just a minute of downtime is far too long. Companies that want to succeed do everything in their power to achieve “the nine’s” of availability and uptime.

Reducing costs: Selling and increasing revenue are only part of the equation. Enterprises always look for ways to reduce costs and unnecessary overhead.

Managing complexity: Navigating some modern IT environments can be like making your way through a labyrinth. Primary, secondary, and tertiary data centers, DR protocols, heterogeneous operating environments, colocation facilities, disparate toolsets, it’s a lot to keep track of. Enterprises often look for ways to untangle the knot of 21st Century IT.

Ensuring compliance: With modernization and globalization of business—and the vast array of business models and industries–oversight is required. Businesses need to adhere to complex (and sometimes confusing) compliance mandates from many different regulatory bodies based on a number of factors—or risk costly litigation and negative effects to their brand and bottom line.

Scaling protection: It’s a given that enterprises need protection when the unthinkable happens. But more than that, they need holistic defense solutions that can continue to protect them as they grow. In short, they need scalable, complete protection from human and natural disaster.

Our managed services can help you focus and manage those very important aspects!

  • Design, install and configure the DR environment to meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).
  • Design, install and configure backup services for Azure and Hybrid environments (including backup job reporting)
  • Scheduled failover and failback testing of the DR environment
  • Recover data and virtualize machines in seconds, or even fail over an entire site and network in minutes by using our 100% managed DRaaS!

100% managed DRaaS?
Our Replica service includes all-around proactive supervision by our expert technicians. What does it mean? We manage, supervise and
ensure the success of all your backups for you.

Sit back, relax, our 5-star support team got you covered!

Fully managed DRaaS
Fully managed DRaaS

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