Azure Security Model

Azure security posture assessments and improvements

Cyber hygiene is hard to maintain due to :

  • users
  • processes
  • tools
  • technology
  • depth of security controls
  • breadth of tools
  • 1000s of security controls
  • ~100 security apps and tools

Here is what manual Security Posture Management looks like in a typical modern business that uses online Microsoft services:

Manual Security Posture Management
Manual Security Posture Management

…and here is what the Azure Security Model looks like for any business that makes use of the Azure and Office 365 platforms.

Azure security posture-Azure Security Model
Azure Security Model

As you can see, the security aspect of ANY Azure environment are very complicated: NovaQuantum, providing managed Azure Security services, is your trusted security partner to drive ongoing posture improvement and help YOU navigate all those complex security details!