WVD: Best Virtualized End-user Experience

Best Virtualized End-user Experience
Best Virtualized End-user Experience

The WVD end user experience, is the best user experience out there. 

Lets see why:

  • WVD allows users to connect from any device.  The WVD experience on Mac and other OS is indistinguishable from native. 

Local and remote UI is optimized for the various form factors across all supported platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, HTML5, and Android

Performance of clients built on Linux SDK is at parity with other non-Windows clients

MacOS client provides integrated RemoteApp experience

iOS, Android, and HTML5 clients provide immersive RemoteApp experience

  • Extremely fast logon times. WVD offers extremely fast logon times…it’s because Microsoft uses containerized user profiles, but the net result is extremely fast logon times.
  • It should be no surprise that Windows devices are advantaged, because Microsoft can do more with Windows devices. Customers with Windows devices will have a “like- local” Windows experience, and the best support we can offer.
  • You’ll notice two of the Core Services called out on this page – 0365 and Teams. Microsoft Engineering is working hard to make sure that customers get the best experience possible, when they use 0365 and Teams in a virtual deployment. Best experience for 0365, for example, means that email, calendar and outlook performance is on par with using 0365 on your windows client.