Cloud Migration best practices -part 4

This blog series will discuss the best practices employed by our technical team when they are engaging into a cloud migration project. These guidelines have been developed over the years, based on hundreds of workload migrated to Azure and GCP.

Here are a few of the application related questions/details that can be asked/identified during the planning phase of the cloud migration:

Application owner
Brief description
Application type
Hosted location (Private, Public, On-prem)
Hosted model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
Required compliance
Required SLA
Application monitoring
Maintenance window allowed
Maintenance window length
Maintenance window schedule start
Change management process and lead time
Change freeze window(s)
Application business priority
Offline business impact
Maximum allowed offline time
Migration risk
Rollback plan
Cutover strategy and executer
Recovery time objective
Recovery point objective
Backup requirements
Party responsible for backups
GCP backup plan
Disaster recovery plan
Host name
Components (DB, caching, proxy, LB, etc)
External dependencies
Required licenses
Shared services
External download data size and frequency
External upload data size and frequency

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