What is ARMS?

A.R.M.S. stands for Advanced Resource Management System.

ARMS is a fully featured graphical database management suite that operates entirely from any modern javascript-enabled web browser. The Web2.0 interface provides a user-rich WYSIWIG experience, more like usual desktop applications, while at the same time offering full backend support for advanced SQL and other features.

ARMS allows administrators and developers to fully design, develop and control MySQL database systems. The platform includes a number of unique features that have never been seen before in any related web tools.

How it works

All you need to do is to install a small PHP script on your web server(s) with direct connectivity to MySql server(s) you want to manage with ARMS.

On the client side you need just a modern browser: Firefox 2.x, Chrome, IE 7.x, Safari 3.x, Opera 8.x.

Login into our portal, tell ARMS the address of your new proxy and start managing your MySql servers.

We don't store any of your credentials or data on our servers. MySQL users and passwords are handled by you at your server end.

Five reasons for A.R.M.S.!

  • Standards Compliant Technology

    Built with WEB 2.0 standards in mind.

  • Enterprise-level features

    Support for advanced MySQL features such as stored procedures, functions, views and triggers.

  • Secure Multi-Server DB management Solution

    Endpoint-to-endpoint secure communication even over standard unsecured connections like http.

  • Fully Localized & Multilingual

    Native support for all languages and character sets by default.

  • Lightweight, Platform Independent Solution

    Any modern browser with java script enabled is able to use the full feature set of ARMS.

It's for YOU!

A.R.M.S. has been built to benefit businesses, home users and web hosting companies alike:

For the Home Developer - ARMS serves as the ideal database management system which beats other solutions because it can handle multiple servers at once and can be run from any computer that has Internet connectivity.

For the Organization - ARMS delivers an enterprise level database management solution.

For the Web Hosting Company - Web Hosting companies that deploy ARMS as an alternative to PhpMyAdmin are able to offer a white label solution that looks more professional, has more functionality and is a lot simpler to use.

ARMS PRO Edition- for Enterprises and Web hosting companies.

This special edition of our management software can be installed locally as a Managed Service Appliance, therefore can be easily integrated into your current infrastructure.

All PRO subscription terms have the following FREE features:

  • FREE software upgrades for the lifetime of your account!
  • FREE technical support (limited to a certain number of incidents per month)

Discover new revenue streams for your Web Hosting company, by offering this unique service to your customers: please watch a small presentation about some of those revenue streams.

Please contact us in order to provide you with a very competitive quote for your particular requirements.


Create & Alter



SQL panel

Multi-tab interface

Inline data editing

Index/Key management


Fully supported feature in the same GUI

Full support for DBs/ tables/ procedures/ triggers/ views

Full support for DBs/ tables/ procedures/ triggers/ views

Multi-server support for Dbs and Tables

Fully featured with multi-query support

Fully supported

Fully supported

Simple DRAG & DROP interface


Limited support in different GUI

Limited support for Dbs and tables only

Limited support for Dbs and tables only


Limited functionality



Rudimentary support


Not supported

Limited support for Dbs and tables only

Limited support for Dbs and tables only


Limited functionality



Rudimentary support


ARMS successfully minimizes the risk of third-party intrusions by using a proprietary encryption algorithm that ensures true end-to-end security when accessing data.

ARMS has been designed from the ground up with security in mind passing stringent security auditing processes, performed by industry certified security auditors.

The data center hosting our application is ISO/IEC 27001 certified : a security standard that formally specifies a management system that is intended to bring information security under explicit management control.

Main features of ARMS:

  • Accessible from anywhere using a browser.
  • Data encrypted communication.
  • MySql multi-server management.
  • User friendly Web 2.0 interface.
  • Multi-tab data presentation.
  • Inline data editing (grids).
  • Data filtering.
  • Multi-panel SQL editor.
  • Powerful table/indexes designer.
  • Support for routines.
  • Backup management.
  • Predefined SQL queries.
  • Even copy/paste functionality!

Key points for future versions:

  • Seamless integration with Cpanel (for PRO edition).
  • Support for Events.
  • Data Import/Export into different formats.
  • User/Privileges Management.
  • Foreign Keys Management.
  • Data grouping capable grids.
  • SQL History.
  • Syntax Highlight SQL editor.
  • MySQL Log analyzer.
  • SQL Optimizer.