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Quality of the security posture against security controls in Azure

Comprehensive security for hybrid environments with built-in Azure services

How does your company understand the quality of their security posture against security controls that are possible to configure within Azure?

One way of looking at this issue is by using the Azure Security Center Secure Score.

  • Secure Score measures what you have done to secure your environment compared to what you can do
  • Your secure score will change depending on what resources are deployed in a subscription
  • Two organizations can only have the same secure score if they have the same resources deployed with the same security configuration
  • Secure Score will change as new security configuration options become available over time

There quite a few built-in Azure services that would help you secure any hybrid environments and help you improve you Secure Score, as you can see from the diagram below.

Built-in Azure services that when configured correctly will improve your security posture.
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