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About our company

About our company

NovaQuantum is a Cloud consulting company with expertise in a wide area of security architecture, governance, infrastructure management and a vertical specialization in Cloud Security compliance and management.  We are based in Canada and have consultants working in London,UK.

Proactive. Experienced. Certified.

Our consultants are passionate about Security and Infrastructure technologies and have designed, implemented and managed deployments for small, medium and large organizations. We would never outsource our services to any other company as all the services are performed in-house by our very skilled engineers.

Experiencing firsthand the benefits and the challenges related to cloud migrations, our consultants are well versed in designing and deploying hybrid infrastructures, integrating on-premises, private and public cloud security controls. NovaQuantum can identify the right technologies that can be migrated to cloud in order to achieve both optimal use of resources and effective cybersecurity posture. 

Our goal is to become a global premier Security consulting and software company and help companies simplify their Cloud Security landscape, achieve strategic technology objectives and be successful at implementing complex solutions.

NovaQuantum can perform the initial assessment, deployment and remediation of Cloud(Azure and GCP) Security Compliance policies as well as provide competitive long-term management services including monitoring. remediation of policy violations and maintenance.  

Don’t wait for a security breach, be proactive. Contact us today for a FREE consultation or signup for a FREE trial of our GCP Security Audit service!

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In this no-obligation consultation, you’ll receive:

  • Collaborative, strategic discussion about your Cloud security situation and business needs
  • Understanding of relevant solutions and services
  • Personalized insights on next steps to your goals
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