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Microsoft Security Assessment – a quick guide

Microsoft Security Assessment

Microsoft has provided a plethora of free tools that can help with the assessment of your cybersecurity posture.

One of those security tools is “Microsoft Security Assessment for your business”.

As part of that questionnaire, Microsoft security experts have collaborated to create a personalized Cybersecurity Assessment covering more than 20 security points in 4 key Cybersecurity categories with the purpose of helping you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your Cybersecurity efforts.

The four Cybersecurity categories are contained under the following headings:

  1. How secure are your users and accounts?
  2. How protected are you from threats?
  3. How safe is your data?
  4. How effectively are you managing security?

This relatively quick security assessment most likely will identify the need to enforce certain security policies for your company and most likely will raise more questions in regards to your security posture.

By using security industry standards, like Azure CIS, ISO 27001 or PCI standards, you can rest assured that your data and applications hosted in Azure are very well protected. Our managed Azure Security services make this onerous task very simple!

Microsoft Security Assessment
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