Google Cloud Platform Security Audit

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Security auditing using security compliance* standards

Let us audit the security of your GCP environment!

*As defined by available technical GCP security controls only. We cannot control or manage any business processes or procedures that are related with any compliance framework.

What’s included in our GCP Security audit service:

  • Audit the GCP environment against a security standard: CIS 1.1.0 (over 50 security controls)
  • Provide monthly reports of the compliance status
  • Provide a Cloud Security Posture Review:
    • Review and evaluate the current architecture and security configurations of your GCP environment, as compared to GCP security best practices
    • Capture findings and develop a report with recommendations on how to improve the security posture of your GCP environment.
  • Provide continuous monitoring and alerting of policy violations using GCP native tools* (coming soon)

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When using any services provided by a Public Cloud provider, like Google Cloud Platform, you need to understand the shared responsibility model for cloud computing. In an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud service model, you are responsible for securing your applications, operating system, network configuration, identity, clients and data within GCP. Google is responsible for the security of the platform, such as physical security, host infrastructure and protection of foundational services.

In order to provide a secure environment for your applications and data, industry best practices recommend the use of a recognized security standard (GCP CIS, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, and SOC TSP) to measure against and to secure your environment. While there are services provided by the Google Cloud Platform (like Policy Intelligence, Security Command Center, Cloud Data Loss Prevention) that can help you in this endeavor, their configuration and continuous operation will require a substantial effort on your part.

We understand your dilemma:

  • Cloud Services are being created and destroyed every minute
  • Security is always changing; there are new threats every week
  • It’s hard to find experienced Cloud Security Practitioners
  • How do you keep your environment secure while staying abreast of the latest security solutions?
  • It feels like Cloud has invalidated your perimeter security model
  • Services are launched weekly; how do you stay on top of how to secure each one?
  • Cloud appears to require new skills from your security practitioners
  • How do you know if you have the right security solution in place?

Our GCP security experts can improve the security posture of your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment, today!

We review your current configurations and platform controls, provide detailed recommendations, and present best practices to reduce risk and mitigate common threats to your environment.

How our security team reviews your environment:

Assessment phaseRecommendation phaseReview phase
● Review the core security configurations of your environment
● Analyze data using an automation engine to detect findings
● Identify opportunities to strengthen your existing security controls
● Identify security remediations to  address security gaps and other opportunities that are identified
● Propose improvements to key areas of your organization’s security architecture
● Deliver a detailed report of findings and recommendations

We bring our 20+ years of experience in IT security to provide a customized security posture report, based on large enterprise level projects, so you’ll know how where to focus your valuable technical resources. Part of our security service, we will identify for you the priority of any remediation tasks and the risk associated with their implementation.

For more info about our Google Cloud Platform Security Services please read this FAQ.

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