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The difference between traditional VDI/RDS and DaaS

You can see that a PaaS service really enables you to create a repeatable Desktop as a Service Offering.  This aspect allows you to scale your DaaS (or WVD offering) without requiring the in-depth technical knowledge that previous RDS/VDI offerings required.  You can focus on managing your customer’s experience and not have to worry about the IT backend as much.

The difference between VDI-RDS and DaaS
The difference between VDI-RDS and DaaS

The WVD end user experience, is the best user experience out there. 

Lets explore why:

  • WVD allows users to connect from any device.  The WVD experience on Mac and other OS is indistinguishable from native. 
  • Extremely fast logon times. WVD offers extremely fast logon times…it’s because it uses containerized user profiles, but the net result is extremely fast logon times.
  • It should be no surprise that Windows devices are advantaged, because we can do more with Windows devices. Customers with Windows devices will have a “like- local” Windows experience
  • Microsoft Engineering is working hard to make sure that customers get the best experience possible, when they use 0365 and Teams in a virtual deployment. Best experience for 0365, for example, means that email, calendar and outlook performance is on par with using 0365 on your windows client.
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