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Cloud Migration best practices -part 2

This blog series will discuss the best practices employed by our technical team when they are engaging into a cloud migration project. These guidelines have been developed over the years, based on hundreds of workload migrated to Azure and GCP.

Discovery Phase

The discovery phase helps uncover the existing workloads that will need to be migrated and the information necessary to determine migration type, level of effort, and application groups

The goal here is to understand what the customer has, and what they want to do with it. We’ll typically look to gather inventory data for the whole estate in one go; but then we’ll build a backlog by business unit / data centre location / technology type and gather the business-level detail. 

This phase is the starting point of any migration journey – but we often find customers want this as a standalone service.

As part of this discovery phase, the following outputs will be created:

  • Workloads grouped
  • First-mover workloads identified
  • TCO/ROI analysis
  • High-level effort estimations

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