A.R.M.S. Subscription services

A.R.M.S is offered via Software-as-a-Service (which is a software delivery method that provides access to the application and its functions as a Web-based service) so you don't have to worry about upgrades and security patches: all of them are handled by Novaquantum without any downtime to you.

Please note the following mandatory prerequisites for your server(s):

  • Any webserver with PHP5, "PUT" method enabled and IonCube support.
  • MySql 4.0 or higher for the managed server(s).

For more details please read the section "Proxy setup" from the documentation page.

All subscription terms have the following FREE features:

  • FREE software upgrades for the lifetime of your account! (You won't even notice when we make an upgrade as there is NO downtime to you!)
  • FREE technical support.
  • 3 remote MySQL servers that can be managed (you can always always add more servers to your account)
  • The priced is locked at the discount rate as long as you are a customer!
Regular subscription services are suspended at the moment

but will be back soon!

* Please note that your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it .
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